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Moving Home Insurance Coverage Basics

There are a lot of expenses to consider when planning a move, including insurance. Moving and relocation insurance can be expensive, but it can be a very worthwhile expenditure. Buying insurance for your personal needs after the move will also be a time-consuming but necessary task. When it’s time to relocate, consider what items need to be covered by insurance to provide protection for you and your family during and after the move.

Moving Personal Belongings and Insurance Coverage Options

Moving insurance provides coverage for personal belongings so you can move home hassle free. Coverage available in the standard homeowner’s insurance policy for moving and relocation is minimal, often as low as .60 on the dollar. A moving company can provide full insurance protection for items being moved, including replacement cost. The cost of insurance can be factored in to the overall moving expenses and should be available as part of a moving and relocation quote. Full-service moving companies often won’t provide insurance for personal belongings unless the company does the packing, too. Do-it-yourself moving companies typically offer insurance coverage for a minimal cost and also provide emergency roadside assistance for an additional fee.

Finding Car Insurance Quotes Online

After arriving in a new home, it’s imperative to start looking for car insurance quotes online immediately. The auto insurance policy typically provides coverage during a move and for the first 30 days after a move. After the 30 days are up, it’s time to find a local agent, even if the insurance company doesn’t change. Car insurance quotes online from reputable companies should also provide agency contact information for questions about specific insurance needs.

Comparing Health Insurance Quotes Online

Health insurance quotes online can often provide the best outlet for finding new healthcare coverage. Websites that are manned by licensed insurance brokers allow customers to choose from several different healthcare plans. Applying for health insurance quotes online allows prospective customers to input basic information about coverages they need to have as well as pre-existing conditions. More than likely, any online health insurance quote will be followed up by a phone call and a more detailed insurance application.

Last Notes about Moving and Relocation and Insurance

After moving and relocating, make sure that insurance policies stay current. Avoid a lapse in coverage by seeking out health and car insurance quotes online. If the insurance company directly debits a bank account for premium payments, make sure there is enough money in the old bank account to cover the debits. Get the information about the new bank accounts to new insurance agents as quickly as possible to avoid overdrafts or late payments.

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