Designer Lashes are a Lifesaver

Last week I spent some precious time and money on a full set of eyelash extensions in London, and it was the best thing I ever did. It took all of my patience to sit still as my beautiful new lashes were attached one by one to individual natural lashes, but it really was worth the time and effort. If you would like an appointment, you can contact by email or phone.

I now have beautiful long thick lashes that need no attention from me at all, so I save time every morning in applying the various coats of mascara that I needed to boost my naturally thin and sparse eyelashes. I would also have to get out of bed a good half an hour before attempting to apply makeup, as my eyes are usually quite puffy and watery first thing in the morning, so now that I have beautiful eyelashes as soon as I wake up, I can spend an extra half an hour in bed; what luxury!

I would usually find that by the end of a day’s work my thickly applied mascara would begin to look clotted and messy, so if I was going out I would have to completely remove my make up before my shower and then start the whole long process all over again. With my wonderful new designer lashes I can shower as often as I want and still have great looking eyelashes all day and night.

Our natural lashes have a limited life cycle, after which they will drop out and new ones will grow: this means that my designer lashes will have the same life; each one will drop out along with the natural lash it is attached to, so that eventually I will have to have the procedure done again. This is not a problem however as I now know exactly what to expect and what the results will be; beautiful thick lashes that need no maintenance except to keep them clean. What a lifesaver!

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