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Ten Tips To Plan A Stress-Free Loft Conversion

It’s important to determine exactly what a loft conversion will involve and how the design of your home will be affected before actually beginning a loft conversion. Here are ten tips to make note of and follow if you are currently determining whether or not a loft conversion is the best way to add more value to your property. CAN YOUR HOME TAKE THE WEIGHT OF A LOFT CONVERSION? Even though it may be only a modest increase, a loft conversion will definitely add weight to your home. In this…

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Simplify Home Remodelling

Home remodeling can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some easy tips to improve the quality of a home remodeling project. Now is an ideal time to remodel. Contractors are hungry for work and competitive with their bids. Costs for materials are down. Right now homeowners can get a sweet deal on a room addition, kitchen remodel or new master bathroom with savings of 25 to 30 percent over last years bids. But, all this opportunity can be lost if proper preparation falls through the cracks.…

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