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How to Build Outdoor Garden Furniture

We bought some lovely furniture from this garden furniture Yorkshire store, but building outdoor garden furniture yourself is a good way to save money and add your own personal touches to your lawn, patio, deck and outdoor living spaces. There are a variety types of outdoor furniture pieces and accessories to choose from and no two are made the same way. To get started, here are some things you should know. Planning Your Yard Furniture Project Draw a sketch plan of the outside garden or yard space you plan to…

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Create Maximum Space in Small Apartments

In many cities, small apartments are the norm; maximizing space in a small apartment can be very challenging, but not impossible. Small Apartments Crave Sunlight and Open Space Small spaces need lots of light: Allow plenty of sunlight into the apartment through open windows, skylights, open doors etc. Use light and airy curtains that provide privacy without inhibiting the sunlight from the room. This will make the apartment feel airy and even appear larger in size. Nothing is worse than a small, cramped dark space! Create separation of space. Use…

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