3 Top Office Flooring Options for 2018

The flooring you choose for an office space will greatly impact the look and feel of it. Not only will the right choice help to convey a professional atmosphere for both your staff and customers or clients; but it will also help to ensure it is a suitably comfortable and functional workplace.

Obviously factors such as maintenance requirements, traffic, design and of course, budget need to be considered when you are looking at the different options available. In the following article, we will highlight what we feel are the best flooring options for offices in 2018.


Carpet tiles or carpet is a wise choice for office spaces that require effective noise insulation. Additionally, carpet is desirable if you and your staff will be spending a lot of time on your feet, as it is generally a lot softer. Carpeting obviously offers a lot of flexibility in terms of design, colour and style; so it is relatively easy to find a suitable carpet that meets your decor needs. You should consider though that carpeted floors will need to be vacuumed daily to keep them clean. Carpet tiles are a practical choice when it comes to maintenance as you can easily replace any that become damaged or stained, without having to buy an entire floor worth of new carpeting.

Ceramic Tiling

Ceramic commercial flooring is popular because it is incredibly durable, looks great and provides warmth. It is obviously much easier to clean if it gets stained than carpets because you can simply clean them using warm soapy water and a mop or cloth, depending on the size of the stain.


With regular care and attention, hardwood flooring in an office is incredibly hard-wearing. It can add a real sense of style, warmth and elegance to your workplace and although it can succumb to damage from stains, scratches and even moisture; the finishes used on this type of flooring nowadays helps protect it from excessive damage. You should also note that if necessary, wood can be sanded and refinished rather than needing to be replaced.

Other Flooring Options To Consider

Although the three above are some of the most popular, you should also consider the following options for your office space’s flooring.

Laminate Flooring

If you want the look and feel of stone, tile or hardwood flooring but want to save some money, you could choose to have laminate flooring. This particular material is designed to be resistant to warping caused by moisture. It also generally consists of a protective coating on the surface to prevent damage such as scratches.

Stone Flooring

Although it may not be the most suitable option for many offices, natural stone flooring can give your workplace a very luxurious and sophisticated look and feel. While it is not completely resistant to stains or scratches, a protective sealant can be used to help reduce these risks.

Although we can’t choose the right flooring option for your office, we hope the information above has been helpful. As noted at the outset, the right flooring for your office will be one that meets your budget constraints, health and safety needs and overall look you are aiming for from the workplace.

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